Mumford & Sons - Babel

Mumford & Sons - Babel

They may have kept us waiting a whole four years after releasing their debut album Sigh No More, but Mumford & Sons have shown that they are well worth the wait, with follow-up album Babel gently fanning the folk-rock flame that they sparked back in 2009.

To put it simply, if you loved Sigh No More, you’ll love Babel – or at least learn to love it. Apart from lessening their use of brass instruments, the lads haven’t done a whole lot different this time around. But why would they? The ebb and flow of banjo-laced melodies, raspy lyrics and sing-along choruses were a clear winner the first time around, and they’re a clear winner this time, too.

As 'Little Lion Man', 'Timshel' and 'White Blank Page' did before, tracks like 'Holland Road', 'Broken Crown' and lead single 'I Will Wait' stand as undeniable proof that if there’s one thing these guys know how to do, it’s stir your emotions. Perhaps this is why the hype surrounding them has remained fairly consistent despite the four years between drinks, with the band hitting the one-million-album-sales milestone early last year.

Once again, Marcus Mumford looks to poetic self-reflection and love lost and found to pen the script for Babel, and although the tone and pace of the album is noticeably less melancholy than Sigh No More, the emotions are still there - gently woven into the fabric of each song.

It may not be breaking any new ground, but Babel is a well-crafted album that really emphasises the band’s strengths. At the very least, there are definite standout tracks that will be sure to steal the hearts of old and new fans alike.
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