Front End Loader - Ritardando

Front End Loader - Ritardando

Front End Loader are back with their sixth studio album, Ritardando, and into your gut hits thirteen new songs to load your senses. 'Ritardando' apparently means many things, Ri (a corruption of writ), Ar (meaning the many pirating benefits that has brought their music lovers), Dando (meaning a public, humiliating fall from grace) - and there you have the rather apt name.

Starting off with 'But Before I Do', you get the feeling these boys would be rocking the live stage, and their music is a style fit to emblaze rockers of young and old with plenty of beats, guitar and vocals that range in a plethora of styles. Highlights for me are 'Bury Your Dead' and 'Once Again' due to their raw nature and catchy, melodic lyrics.

Their songs fit in with the Aussie rawness of teen angst pub rock, intertwined with fast-paced, beer-swizzling, bad dance numbers by blokes who do the 'hills hoist' or the 'whipper snipper' after launching a few brews down the gullet, watching the brilliant live spirit of the band that is Front End Loader.

Warning: Front End Loader uses filthy language sometimes.
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