Formed in 2007, The Dirties are back with their blues country rock sound on current album, Rock N Roll Is My Girlfriend, and they are vibrating their way from St Kilda and beyond, sending girls and boys spiralling into a frenzy with their rock n roll attitude laced with blues and groove.

Locally based in St Kilda, the boys - Alex Raunjak (vocals & lead guitar), Heath Brady (vocals & lead guitar), Cam Adams (piano & hammond) Mike Saunders (drums) and Anthony Casey (bass) - tour their hearts out, and this album is nothing to be sneezed at.

Kicking off with the tune 'Blackhearted (Gin Drinking and Blue)', it is a sombre yet rocking blues number, whilst 'New York City' has kick arse guitar solos mixed with inspiring drums and that gravelly voice, and I’d say if they ever went to the big apple, they’d be widely received. 'Hard Road', for me, sounded like if AC/DC and Dallas Crane collaborated, and I find out it’s a Harry Vanda and George Young (Easybeats) tune –bring on the beer and women for this song. 'Fuck You, I Miss You' starts with a low grumble until the tune bursts into a cowboy-grooving, rockalicious stance.

An album full of rock and blues, sweat and groove, harmonica-induced guitar solos. Make sure you listen out for the shitty pawn store acoustic guitar!
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