Seth Sentry - This Was Tomorrow

Seth Sentry - This Was Tomorrow

The guy who made a name for himself rapping about chewy bacon and wobbly tables is back. And it seems breakfast is officially over.

It’s been four long years since 'The Waitress Song', but Seth Sentry has been working mighty hard since then. This Was Tomorrow is the fruit of that labour, and although the Melbourne MC has maintained that light-hearted approach that gained him so much support initially, the tone of his debut album is undeniably grown-up.

This Was Tomorrow works on every level; seamlessly blending classic hip-hop arrangements with cross-genre samples and instrumentals, it immediately sets itself apart from the burgeoning Aussie hip-hop scene, while at the same time respectfully nodding its head at the musical soldiers who fought to get it to that point.

Lyrically, Sentry is an open book, echoing the everyday thoughts, troubles and adventures of his generation. Rapping about everything from hover-boards to dying romance, you never know what he’s going to spit next. And while this leaves the album without a core theme, it doesn’t stop it from flowing beautifully from one track to the next.

While lead singles 'Float Away' and 'My Scene' are undoubtedly the highlights of the album, there are plenty of other great moments to choose from. 'Thanks For Your Hospitality' is a comical vent about being stuck in a dead-end hospitality job – something that almost all of us can relate to. 'Bear Science' has a ridiculously catchy harmonica-laced beat, while 'Vacation' gets your head bobbing with fuzzy reverb and a chorus that will be stuck in your head for days.

This Was Tomorrow is a truly impressive debut that is easy to enjoy both actively and passively. It’s fun, original, and most importantly, honest. If Sentry continues to produce music of this calibre, it won’t be long before he joins the likes of Hilltop Hoods, Bliss n Eso and Pez at the top of the Aussie hip-hop pile.
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