The Cants Can!

The Cants, are an intrepid crew whom have just completed their Australian tour – but in this nationwide search for rock and roll meaning, the Cants are already sipping the schnapps from the filled Holy Grail of vintage guitar riff glory.


Here at Naked Dwarf we discovered the Cants live in concert demonstrate that this is an expose of sonic dissonance and dance rock rhythm with no equal, and both fans and pub punters alike can count them as one of the exceptional rock acts for 2005.


Martin Blackwell interviewed lead singer Cam for the Naked Dwarf.


The Cants are a three-piece sonic cabaret act – Cam, (vox & guitar); Al, (bass, vox); Gav, (drums, vox): and are indicative of a new wave of rock bands, much of which predominate from Melbourne.


Their debut album, ‘Melbourne Vampires' on in-fidelity records, has already been heralded as a dream album full of potential singles – certainly, the vampires whom haunt Melbourne for the most part can take relief from their sordid troubled lives, nightmares and insomnia – the girls break and the boys now dream to the new fangled vamp rock!


3 and ½ years since the Cants have been together, they have worked with producer Jim Diamond, a man whom hadn't needed to fire guns in the Newmarket studios to produce good effects.


Jim has produced records by almost every great band that has come out of Detroit in the past five years (White Stripes, Sights, Dirtbombs, Von Bondies, Detroit Cobras, Electric Six, etc).


The Cants have not necessarily had to rely on fantastic new guitar pedal technology to produce their new fangled rock sound. Rather, they draw on influences such as 90s Melbourne band ‘The Powder Monkeys', whom they count amongst their most revered & venerated acts to grace the stage.


"We like heaps of bands, both Australian and overseas, there are probably plenty of overseas bands but I really love Australian 60s punk, Easybeats, missing links, purple hearts, Derek's accent," they say, " definitely feel more of an affinity to Australian rock than any other.. i think we have a long and proud tradition of being able to rock as a nation and I'm proud to be Australian for this reason MP3s are convenient to listen to anywhere but nothing beats good vinyl on a good stereo!"


The album ‘Melbourne Vampires' has many stand-out tracks – such as ‘ASL', ‘Speed Right Through', & ‘Futures Bright'. Whilst the Cants are not too sure of having the mantle of providing the future of karaoke, and would rather leave that to Billy Joel, they are proud to declare that the sing much gayer than that singer from Queen, and are about as esoteric as hommus and pita bread.


The latest single ‘Not Cool Enough For You' laden with Cam's wah effects, vintage Japanese pedals and overdrive is sure to provide ample soundtrack for fans of the Cants spa and schnapps after parties, and everything else that god music provides.

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