The Vaccines Win More Hearts - What Did You Expect?

The Vaccines Win More Hearts - What Did You Expect?

The Vaccines have proven to be much more than the underground-cum-commercially popular indie band they were labelled rather harshly last year.

Breaking out in 2011 with the acclaimed album What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, London indie rockers earned an equal love and dismissal from the media. For a young band with a quick torrent of success befalling them, it’d be easy to become overwhelmed and indeed, disheartened. Arni Hjorvar, the band’s bassist, confidently asserts that press, negative or positive, has never been an overpowering influence on The Vaccines and the music they aim to produce.

“The reality of the situation is that you’re only in control of your output. You’re not in control of anything but your output, therefore, there’s no point in contemplating that. If you’re going to get pent up on how people actually perceive you, you’re going to go crazy pretty quickly. Just don’t spend your time thinking about it; you’ve got no control over it, so there’s no point in actually thinking about it. I genuinely believe that we made a better record than we did last time and if I genuinely believe that, then I believe that a lot of people think the same.”

The Vaccines have a lot to be proud of; with multiple tours and festival appearances across the globe already under their belts, the band is about to release their second record, The Vaccines Come of Age. It’s a record which Hjorvar believes to be a major step up from their debut release.

“I’m really excited to get it out. It always gives you a lot of release when you get things out. It won’t be a secret anymore. I’m extremely proud of the record and I think that we’ve made a good one; I’m looking forward to people hearing it.”

Back in Australia for the Falls Festival, the lads are ready to show off once more, in their second Australian festival appearance for 2012. By the time the New Year's festival rolls around, fans will have had ample time to get around the band’s new music and prepare themselves for another round of festival experiences akin to The Vaccines’ Big Day Out sets - gigs which truly stamped the band in the consciousness’ of many.

Hjorvar is buzzing about their upcoming trip as we chat, particularly about the concept of being here in a warmer part of the year. Probing him about the odds of a few more Australian dates for The Vaccines at the end of the year got me nowhere, as he sounded as in the dark as I was, but Hjorvar is confident that this tour is going to be fruitful either way.

“I fucking love Australia! I’m really scared coming over at that time of the year because it’s really hot. We’re coming in literally just after Christmas, so I think I’m actually going to come over before Christmas, so I can spend Christmas on a beach in Sydney. Having a 24 hour flight on Boxing Day sounds a lot worse! I’m very much looking forward to it though; the last time we were in Australia, we had the time of our lives. It was a very productive, inspiring and interesting trip.”

The Vaccines Come Of Age is out now through Sony Music. The lads will be heading over this side of the equator to ring in the New Year with us:

- Festival Hall, Melbourne, December 29
- Falls Festival, Lorne, December 30
- Falls Festival, Marion Bay, December 31
- Field Day, Sydney, January 1,
- Southbound on January 4
- The Tivoli, Brisbane, January 8 and 9
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