As I arrived through the front door of the Republic, sighting the already strong crowd attendance of all ages, I knew I was going to witness a great close and intimate performance from Mark Lizotte, the man we have all come to know as Diesel. The venue filled up quite rapidly with people streaming in to catch a glimpse and hear the superb performance of an Australian music icon.

Once listening to the extensive amount of songs leading up to Diesel's presence on stage, the atmosphere of the crowd was changing and growing in anticipation for the headline to step on stage. At that moment when the build-up came to a stop and the lights dimmed down, the atmosphere changed as Diesel appeared on stage five feet away from me, giving you a thrill and sense of excitement to see him in the flesh.

Before this, I had only heard positive reviews from other people who have witnessed him perform live, and considering I'm normally one for attending heavy metal concerts, I was impressed with the entire performance. His presence on stage was inviting and his crowd interaction made you feel comfortable and a part of his intimate performance.

Diesel performed an array of his personal hits over his thirty year music career, including crowd favourites 'All Come Together', 'Cry In Shame', 'Love Junk', 'Come To Me', 'Never Miss Your Water', 'Soul Revival' and 'Tip Of My Tongue'. The crowd participation was strong and up for a sing-along at any given time. As apart of the tour, Diesel played some of his favourite Muddy Waters songs that he'd listened to since early childhood which his father used to play on the record player, including 'Champagne And Reefer' and 'Mannish Boy'. Though I was hoping to hear Diesel's take on Jimi Hendrix's song 'Spanish Castle Magic', he produced a great take on Hendrix's 'Hey Joe' instead, which immersed the crowd's joy.

Each and every song performance was captivating and brilliant to hear and watch, with all the raw emotion Diesel poured into his superb guitar playing and vocal deliveries. This is one blues rock'n'roller that has stood the test of time.

David Walker
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