Jeff Lang said as he smiled, sat down and wiped some" /> Live review of Jeff Lang @ Republic Bar and Cafe on Wednesday, 30 May 2012 :: The Dwarf

Jeff Lang

w/ Kara Grainger

"What a great way to spend a cold night, all huddled together for a night of music" Jeff Lang said as he smiled, sat down and wiped some sweat from his brow.


Supporting Jeff Lang was Kara Grainger who did a good job of warming up the crowd. Kara smiled through her performance of tracks from her debut album Grand & Green River. Her songs were a blend of Robert Johnson inspired blues and roots songs with an up-beat country feel. By performing traditional folk and Celtic songs Kara also demonstrated an ability to play an impressive range of songs.


Jeff took to the stage surrounded by a vast range of guitars and he certainly looked the part, in a pin strip brown suit he was the best dressed in the bar. Grant Cummerford, on bass, joined Jeff onstage for all for the whole night.


As the bar filled up and the windows fogged over, Jeff set the mood of the night by playing a selection of songs from his latest album Half Seas Over. His songs create evocative images of the bush, and life on the road with his smooth slide guitar playing taking the audience on an emotional journey.


Jeff got the crowd moving too as he organised the crowd, split down the middle, to provide a dual hand clap percussion rhythm for the chorus of one song. The songs he chose to perform provided a good range of energy, from the quiet and reflective songs such as Southern Highlands Daughter and Bateman's Bay to the more energetic Copper Mine and 5 Letters.


In memorable finale Jeff brought Kara Grainger back to the stage to provide backing vocals and guitar for three songs. Jeff also brought his sound engineer, Jeff Magain, on stage for a hilarious impromptu percussion jam on pots and pans as a way of thanking him for his efforts on tour.


Jeff's energy and professionalism are impressive and if you're not a fan of Jeff Lang already it's hard to walk away from one of his concerts without becoming a fan.

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