The Getaway Plan

w/ Abbey Doggett and The Stoics

It's always a little thrilling to go and see three acts I have never seen live before. There are no expectations, which in some ways can be a lovely thing in the situation of a gig review – where, like a surprise present, you don't know what you might get!


The night started with Abbey Doggett, an original singer/songwriter from Hobart who took to the stage, guitar in hand. The room was filling but not filled at that point, with perhaps a few ticket holders timing it to arrive for the main act.


Abbey has a voice that is strong and at times managed to quiet a room that was filled with anticipation and talking for The Getaway Plan. I sometimes find the voices, mobiles and conversations a little disrespectful when an artist is on stage, but fairly common at a gig also.


I found Abbey's voice captivating; her lyrics beckoned me to listen, with the themes of some of her songs touching on issues of domestic violence and the environment. I appreciate a lyricist who can sing – can take a track beyond being a lovely sound and something to actually make you think and consider. Tracks that stood out were Hey You and Tip Toes on the Wrong Road. Her set was short and sweet, but well received by the die hard TGP fans.


Abbey is currently recording her debut EP and is planning shows in Melbourne and tour of the east coast of Australia later this year and has an impressive list of acts she has supported including The Green Mist, Nicky Bomba, and Bridget Pross.


Next on stage were The Stoics, from Launceston, a band I have read and heard about in passing conversation but never actually experienced sound-wise. Their 7 song set was amazing and included tracks Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, Blind Mans Heart and Too Old Too Fast.


Until I was writing this review and doing a bit of background research on the band, did I realize the extent of accolades behind the group – with the band, first elevated onto the national stage after Winning Triple J's Unearthed AWOL competition last year and then playing a string of gigs with The Cat Empire, Cut Copy, Horsell Common, Love Outside Andromeda. Most recently The Stoics were part of Triple J's Next Crop Artists, Australian artists selected as part of a group of most promising unsigned artists. And their new EP ‘Wolves in Sheep's Clothing' is being released in Launceston on 30 August 2008.The audience seemed to enjoy the Stoic's set a lot - with it over just as I was really getting into it, an unfortunate thing with a support act's short set.


Then it was The Getaway Plan, the headlining act. And the anticipation by the sellout crowd was palpable at that stage, when the boys took up their instruments for the ‘Where the City Meets the Sea Tour 08'.


The room was packed, already the beginnings of sweat beading on the walls – a visual testament in the Republic to the sheer excitement of a crowd.


I'd describe myself as an accidental fan of The Getaway Plan. I've heard them often on the radio but at times missed the song name and artist, so they have been a sound that I have always enjoyed but in all honesty until the morning of the gig I had no idea that the sounds I was enjoying on my radio were The Getaway Plan.


Wow, the crowd was diverse though – from all walks of life – the hardcore devout fans that you could pick from a distance – based on dress and appearance – then the more obscure fans, older folks who potentially in their 50's getting into it at the back of the room.


To get close to the front you had to be brave, with the crowd packed in there all sweaty and jumping around. I wasn't up for bruised feet or potential injuries that come from getting that close to a band so tended to stay in a sedate corner.


The band was very tight – their professionalism evident – their showmanship and overall performance was perfect, well in my opinion – their 10 song set long enough to satisfy the room full of bodies. Songs that I heard before that thrilled me to hear live were: Streetlight, If Suspense Doesn't Kill Us and City Meets the Sea.


Brilliant show, a packed out but well behaved crowd enjoying an amazing gig at the Republic and for The Getaway Plan, whose tour has seen them travel around Australia the last couples of months or so, there were no signs of fatigue or the like – with them giving it their all for the Hobart crowd.

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