Snob Scrilla

w/ Loose Cannons

It's no secret that hip-hop is a musical genre on the rise in Australia. Ask anyone of the appropriate demographic and they'll no-doubt reel off a list of Aussie acts getting played at the moment. But how about Snob Scrilla? Unless you're a Triple J listener, there's a fair chance you don't know him… and even then there's a chance you only know the chant along chorus to his recent single, Heartbreak Scorsese. No shame in that, but I'm happy to report there's a whole lot more to this artist than that single.


Wednesday night's gig at North Hobart's Republic Bar and Café had energy aplenty, a big sound and hit the spot perfectly for the rowdy assembly of folks attending. The energy was up with support act Loose Cannons ripping through their set and getting genuine participation from a hyped-up crowd. It seems these boys like a drink and don't like the police and that meant they fitted in perfectly alongside the bulk of those assembled in the pub.


Their DJ-spun Aussie sound contrasted markedly with Snob Scrilla's live sound, but the two worked together well. Snob's live band – synth/samples + drums – gave his set an earthier feel with an indie/electro edge. Things started low-key. Snob Scrilla wanted to warm up – and warm the crowd up. To get everyone into the right vibe.


At the end of the first track when he warned one and all he was going to set the mood with some crazy dancing, he did! Sufficiently warm, he peeled off his hoody and the handbreak was officially released for the night. The tempo lifted – markedly – and the solid Wednesday night crowd lifted with it. The biggest cheer of the night was saved up and saved up… everyone wanted to hear Heartbreak Scorsese. It made a fitting set-closer, leaving one-and-all on a big high.


But two other tracks were equally massive. There You Go Again is one of those songs you leave the gig singing to yourself and wanting to hear again and again. The other big tune was Chasing Ghosts, which I'd heard before but thought was Lupe Fiasco… my bad. But as Snob Scrilla's into his hip-hop fusion and hails from Sydney by way of California, maybe I can be forgiven?


I'm hoping there's another Tassie visit from Snob Scrilla some time soon. Maybe for Falls? I can only hope so! And you should, too. This guy playing to a huge crowd in a sun-drenched field would be immense!

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