Jeff Martin and The Armada

w/ Linc le Fevre

The Republic Bar was hit with a force. And that force was the serene yet powerful Jeff Martin and his Armada.


Visually, when you entered the Republic, the Stage was breathtaking. Red and gold rugs embraced the stage, walls and windows, beggging to be caressed. The lights were soft and white, and the number of instruments waiting on stage to be played was astounding in both type and number (thirty-six when last discussed with the artist).


Supporting was local Linc le Fevre, who looked a little weary on a stage that was clearly Mr. Martin's, borrowing the surrounds for some Tassie-soaked songs.


Usual banter and beautiful tracks were everywhere in Linc's lovely, direct style. There were some cute moments where he spoke to the crowd about his penchant for Spiderman doona covers in queen-sized versions for his bed. I love an artist who interacts with their crowd; particularly one as passionate as this one.


Then Jeff Martin and his Armada swept in like a well-groomed storm - a vision to the eyes, breathtaking to the ears, and probably lovely to the touch, if one had a moment to do so. Opulent surrounds paired with amazing music was, at times, an assult to the senses like a brisk, sharp coffee. The erotic energy in the room was palpable, people of all ages appeared magnitized by it.


One thing of note was the crowd control displayed by the band. Jeff Martin was totally in control. He was the conductor, performer, artistic director, sound technician, roadie and possibily a number of other things. I watched him instruct the crowd on the appropriate behaviour expected by the band, with a recording of the gig being retained for the future.


Playing a range of Armada tracks both old and new, the gig was so stunning that I could have sat in a dark corner with my eyes closed and still experienced it just as if the visual surrounds were sparkling right in front of my eyes - and at times, due to rather enthusiastic older ladies who chose to throw themselves towards Jeff, in turn falling on me, the majority of the gig for me was heard from the safety of a wooden table at the back of the room. Thanks, Jeff.

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