Yves Klein Blue

with Cloud Control & The Stoics

Welcome to a very hairy, sweaty, Saturday night gig. There was Lou Reed, there was a bit of Blur, and a whole heap of love thrown Hobart's way by Yves Klein Blue.


The group from Brizvegas kicked off their national 'About the Future' tour at the Republic and the sell out (!) crowd loved every minute.


Starting with a rollicking number from their debut album Ragged and Ecstatic, the quartet began to lubricate everyone's earlobes with their sunny palette of indie bop.


For the past year, Yves Klein Blue has been that band. You know the one. The band you sing along to every time their songs on the radio. The band you promise to investigate on the net when you get home. For some reason you never do, scared that you'll ruin that magic moment of recondition when it's played on the airwaves, allowing you to think `Oh, I love this song!' for three minutes or more.


When YKB frontman Michael Tomlinson beamed `This is our first show in Hobart, it's amazing, and you guys are amazing' a few thoughts sprung to mind: 1. Wow, they have great hair. 2. Niiiiiccccce Rickenbacker 3. I feel like dancing.


Thankfully, everyone in the audience seemed to agree with the last point.


The band decided it was time roll into their album opener and current single 'Make Up Your Mind' – a wailing, frenetic pop number, instantly recognized by new fans. From there they got a bit sensual with 'Digital Love', which increased the fluttering of lashes in the audience by tenfold. The first half of the YKB set was dominated by guitar driven jams, a nice surprise considering the band is mostly known for its piano driven pop.


The prices were low, the roof was lower, it was sweaty in the crowd and sweatier on the stage. Said hair was now sticking to the foreheads of Tomlinson and his white-T-shirt clad crew, the gel had melted and they were sucking up every number like the dregs from the last pint on St Paddy's Day.


Launching into their breezy single (and album highlight) `Polka' admiration was forwarded to Tasmanian support act The Stoics. The alt-folk group got everyone dancing early in the night and are well loved for their unpredictable live shows. Tomlinson continued the group bonding session with a swagger-filled cover of Lou Reed's 'Walk on the Wild Side'. Was the band on the stage or on the crowd? Think it was a bit of both.


After the shortest end-of-gig break in the Republic's history, YKB hopped back in for a three song encore. They took the pace down a notch with a bluesy number until giving the crowd their 2009's indie anthem; 'Getting Wise'. Mass sing-along. Air pianos were everywhere. It really was quite nice.


YKB's final parting gift was a big ol' jam with their second support act Cloud Control (think Neil Young-ish-vocals, high held guitars with a girl/boy lineup). Eight musicians on stage + Blur cover = party time.

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