Kaki King

Kaki King is a petite American with a prodigious talent.


The bona fide guitar superstar is no stranger to Australian audiences and sports a strong following nationwide. Based solely on the buzzing and bustling crowd at the Republic Bar & Cafe prior to her show, this support easily stretches as far south as Hobart.


My decision to stand in the wings was soon paid off as the diminutive King slipped past me onto stage and started her set in precocious fashion.


I had a perfect view of what was to ensue and could watch King's inimitable style closely. I'm not sure if the same could be said for everyone at the front of stage, those further back having to crane necks and stand on their toes to get a glimpse of the talented but tiny Atlanta native.


King's unorthodox style not only makes for mesmerising viewing, it allows a range of interesting melodic and percussive elements that help build a huge soundscape.


The only thing busier than King's strumming, plucking and tapping fingers was her guitar tech who somehow managed to cope with the many and varied demands of the multiple guitars and tunings required during the show.


Among the highlights from a much-appreciated set were the instrumental ' Playing With Pink Noise', perhaps the tune best highlighting her hammering and picking and tapping as well as the more traditional sounding 'Pull Me Out Alive' that sees King add her delicate vocal style to a rockin' guitar track.


Including her set at the Marion Bay Falls Festival on the last day of 2009, this was the second time I'd been treated to a Kaki King show in under a year.


And with the mutual love between King and her Australian audiences, it probably won't be long until I get another chance to see her, a chance I'll grab with both hands.

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